Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ipod Shuffle DIY clip

ipod Shuffle
Yup I got one. The 1gb version is excellent value. On the UK market you can pay £100 for a 500kb MP3. The 1 gigabyte Shuffle costs £99.
Granted, other players come with screen, equaliser and maybe radio as well but I had some of those features in an earlier MP3 player and I just didn't use them. With my first player (128kb £90) the screen started going on the blink after I dropped it on a run. I didn't look at the screen anyway. You just run and listen. After a bit I stopped running with it because it kept snagging its cable and it was too bulky to put in a pocket.
So with the Shuffle you are buying big capacity for the money, tiny size and weight, and most of all - the software. Itunes is just perfect for importing, organising and loading up songs. You can prepare a song-list in advance, plug the Shuffle into the computer and leave it while you do something else. In a minute it has flushed out all the previous songs and uploaded the new songs in whatever order you dictate.
Having no screen is just a state of mind. It's like listening to the radio. If you can't listen to the radio without having to know what is playing in advance, you won't want a Shuffle.
There are two glaring design shortcomings with the Shuffle which I am sure will be fixed soon. First the on/off slider has too smooth a surface to operate easily. You can just stick a paper dot on it and that helps, but I imagine they will come up with a slightly embossed Apple logo to give you the necessary grip.

Shuffle with elasticated loop

Second the lanyard they give you is too long and gets in the way. I snipped it off and substituted a loop of elasticated cotton which my daughter uses to grip her hair. Cost about 20 pence. Stick on that one of those gripper things which come on name badges and you can clip it to your shirt, jacket, belt etc.


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